AAEM Annual Conference

The New Challenges in Environmental Medicine

How the Last Three Years Has Changed our Approach to Wellness

San Antonio, TX
November 2nd-5th 2023

The Hotel - La Cantera Resort and Spa


Overview of the Conference: Why Attend?

Whether you are new to Environmental Medicine or a longtime supporter, the annual conference is our chance to come together as a community and share, learn, and grow. This educational activity is designed to implement effective strategies and therapies for the environmental factors that contribute to chronic illnesses.

In addition to the virus itself, the measures put in place from a public health policy had many unintended consequences. Lockdowns caused many businesses to shut down and thousands lost their jobs, creating financial distress and uncertainty. Social isolation and masking raised more fear and anxiety due to the inability to connect with loved ones and friends and worry that any exposure could lead to illness or death. Schools being shut down or exclusively online raised stress and anxiety for families as grades declined and activities and sports were canceled. Due to these factors, a rapidly increasing and complex burden on the body and mind is contributing to an increasing variety of multi-system, chronic and debilitating conditions, and diseases.

It is imperative during these times that focused attention be given to how we, as an Academy, can come together with our partners to explore new and innovative ways to address these challenges. On behalf of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine Board of Directors and their members, we invite you to join us in San Antonio, TX for this critically important topic.


"Community" Rate: $495

Attendees will pay this rate and have their ticket be dependent on their reservation at the hotel. This encourages our attendees to be together both for the conference and spending time at the resort together.

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