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Nurse with IV

Dr. Shrader’s The Definitive Guide for Intravenous Therapy with Nutrients

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No More ADHD

10-Step to do right now to help your child immediately and long term. This program is based on the same approach, tools and information used by Dr. Block at The Block Center.

Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D.

Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind

Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D.

About the Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind: Eliminate Environmental Toxins to Lose Weight, Increase Energy, and Reverse Illness in 30 Days or Less Dr. Morrison presents a clinically proven program that allows readers to detoxify from chemical exposure while shedding excess fat. He offers an easy and effective solution to increase energy and reverse illness in 30 days or less.

Impossible Child Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

Impossible Child

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

This 160-page book is designed for caring but perplexed educators and parents who want to help children who have been erroneously labeled as dumb, lazy, nasty, rude, overactive, irritable, slow or impossible. This book will enable you to recognize which children have allergies, or food or chemical sensitivities interfering with their ability to learn and behave normally. Practical sensible ways to help children with these problems are discussed. With this information you may be able to alter the course of some child’s life in a more positive direction – today! This is also available in Spanish.

Is This Your Child

Is This Your Child

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

This 627-page “how-to” book describes how typical allergies and environmental illness overlap, and details the typical and less-readily recognized clues in various infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, or adults. It is one of the rare books on allergies that explain how to recognize, test and treat infants. Dr. Rapp discusses how it is sometimes possible to detect and help prevent future allergies by recognizing and eliminating the causes, at no cost, with a diet in 3 to 7 days. Dr. Rapp discusses hyperactivity, Ritalin, Tourette’s, learning problems, aggression, depression, fatigue, headaches, intestinal complaints, yeast problems, muscle aches, and recurrent infections.

Is This Your Child's World Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

Is This Your Child's World

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

This easy to understand 635-page book illustrates the way to tell which children or adults have environmental illness by the way a child or adult look, feel, act, and behave. The writing, the pulse, or the ability to breathe also provides important clues. It tells how to pinpoint specifically the reason why certain children or adults are unable to learn in certain rooms, outside the school, or at certain times after specific exposures at school, home or work. It clearly explains ways to verify your suspicions using fast, easy and relatively inexpensive and more expensive methods. If no one is listening, it tells you what to do and where to go for help! This book applies equally well to adults and to homes and workplaces, as well as schools

Just Because You`re Depressed Doesn`t Mean You Have Depression

In her new book, Dr. Mary Ann Block exposes the truth about the diagnosis of depression and reveals the dangers and risks of current drugs prescribed for it. In her clear and easy-to-understand writing style, Dr. Block again takes on the often flawed area of psychiatry to help people understand the real issues surrounding their symptoms. Dr. Block explains the six most common causes of the symptom of depression that she sees in her practice. If you or someone you love is one of the 19 million people diagnosed with or suffering with the symptom of depression, the information in this book could literally save your life.

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No More ADHD Mary Ann Block, D.O.

No More ADHD

Mary Ann Block, D.O.

Dr. Mary Ann Block, top-selling author of “No More Ritalin”, goes further in her new and updated book, “No More ADHD”. She questions the very existence of the ADHD diagnosis with compelling and fact-based arguments. Dr. Block takes the reader on a shocking journey behind the scenes of the medical profession to expose the origin of the ADHD label and explains how children’s attention and behavior symptoms can be the result of real and explainable health and learning problems.

Our Toxic World Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

Our Toxic World

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., FAAEM

This 510-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting our children, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones, We have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplace. WE MUST STOP IT!

Power of the Five Elements Charles A. Moss, M.D., FAAEM

Power of the Five Elements

Charles A. Moss, M.D., FAAEM

Based on thirty years of medical practice, Power of the Five Elements presents the Five Adaptation Types, Dr. Charles Moss’ modern application of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

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The ABC's of Raising Great Kids Mary Ann Block, D.O.

The ABC's of Raising Great Kids

Mary Ann Block, D.O.

Mary Ann Block’s parents taught her that you do whatever is necessary for your children. And that’s what she did. When doctors made her daughter ill with inappropriate drug treatment and then could not get the child well, Mary Ann Block, was compelled to go to medical school at the age of 39 to save her daughter. Today her daughter is a healthy adult as a result of her mother’s determination and devotion. Dr. Block was honored by the Ladies’ Home Journal and The Lifetime Channel for helping her daughter in such an inspirational way.

The Adaption Diet Charles A. Moss, M.D., FAAEM

The Adaption Diet

Charles A. Moss, M.D., FAAEM

What you eat determines how stress affects your health. You can protect yourself from the damaging effects of cortisol, the main stress hormone, through The Adaptation Diet

Today I Will Not Die Mary Ann Block, D.O.

Today I Will Not Die

Mary Ann Block, D.O.

In 1991, doctors at a prestigious Texas cancer center told 75-year-old Cecile Ritzwoller that she had inoperable lung cancer. But the physicians overlooked on critical factor-Cecile`s daughter. Mary Ann Block, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, was stunned when she learned of her mother`s grim prognosis-and vowed to wage a life-and-death battle to save her. Today, Cecile is cancer-free and thriving. In this uplifting book, Dr. Block tells how she helped her mother beat the odds by combining the best of traditional treatments-both chemotherapy and radiation-with a multi-faceted mind/body approach to healing. Dr. Block also shares the powerful weapon her mother brought to the battle-her astonishing will to live

Treat Ear and Respiratory Infections WITHOUT Antibiotics! Using Osteopathic Principles, Practices and Gentle Massage At Home! - DVD Mary Ann Block, D.O.

In this video Dr. Block demonstrates gentle techniques based on a century-old philosophy of osteopathic medicine which she taught in medical school. This technique helps to drain ears and upper respiratory tract and boost the immune system without antibiotics. Dr. Block explains, in easy-to-understand terms, what you can do at home to treat and help prevent future infections.

The Earth is My Patient David Arieti, M.S.

The Earth is My Patient

David Arieti, M.S.

The Earth is my Patient is a brilliantly conceived book about the real causes of environmental pollution and their solutions. Many of the ideas in his book are based on Mr. Arieti’s own experience and knowledge. Written in both a serious and tongue in cheek manner this book is guaranteed to make the reader more aware of his/her environment as well as make him think. This is a must read for politicians, men, women and children who want to see a cleaner earth and a brighter future. Mr. Arieti correctly assumes that if the environment goes, we all will go.

Prognosis Disaster David Arieti, M.S.

Prognosis Disaster

David Arieti, M.S.

PROGNOSIS DISASTER is a book about human induced environmental change and disease. Climate change, global warming and deforestation threaten human, animal and plant populations with disease more virulent than previously known. The majority of this book deals with how human influence the creation and spread of diseases old and new. This book will be useful as a reference on disease and environmental science, and as a call to action. Unless we take active measures now to stem pollution and greed, all life on the planet is doomed. The choice is yours.

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