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Spring 2022 Virtual Conference: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chemical Sensitivity

Launching Early May
This Conference is Self-Paced

This self-paced virtual conference will provide the practitioner with new diagnostic and treatment modalities to help improve treatment outcomes in a safe and cost-effective manner for many complex patients suffering from chemical sensitivities. You will learn to perform quantitative testing for chemicals, and how to test hymenoptera venoms, latex, and for antibiotic sensitivity. Also, how to utilize comprehensive treatments for chemical sensitivities: avoidance, nutritional, detoxification, sauna/heat, depuration, chelation of heavy metals, immunotherapy where applicable, and more.

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Fall 2022 Conference

Costa Mesa, CA
October 20-23

The topic of this conference is Environmental Influences on Gastrointestinal Health: Addressing the Foundation of Diet, Digestion, and Detoxification

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