Contract and Application Information

My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and agree that my company and its representatives will abide by all rules and regulations and restrictions outlined in this Exhibitor Prospectus and contract.




Contact Person(Required)


Please contact AAEM at 316.684.5500 if you wish to pay by check:

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Mail to 717 Kreutzberg Road. Boerne, TX 78006


Two representatives per company will be given a complimentary registration to the conference. Additional personnel wishing to attend may do so at the reduced fee of $750 per person.

Please list the name(s) of the individuals who will attend. January 1, 2025 deadline for name changes.


Person 1 (Complimentary)

Person 2 (Complimentary)

Person 3 ($750 Enclosed)

Person 4 ($750 Enclosed)


List which booth(s) you would like, in order of preference (refer to map of exhibit hall below). NOTE: In the event that your choices are taken, it is understood that you agree to take the booth(s) assigned to you.

booth diagram


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine - 59th Annual Scientific Meeting Terms and Agreement

Convention Contractors: Hyatt Contractor

Shipping and Storage: Hyatt Shipping and Storage

Exhibitors who elect to ship displays and supplies directly to the hotel will be responsible for the payment of handling charges levied by the hotel or the expo service provider, or both. All displays must be loaded and unloaded from the hotels banquet docks at the rear of the hotel. You will not be allowed to unload and transport your display through the front lobby of the hotel. Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa will receive hotel shipments up to two weeks prior to February 13, 2025.


Hotel Information

Application Deadline: 11/01/2024

Setup/Install:Thursday, February 13, 2025 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM - THIS IS DURING OUR PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP

Dismantle: Sunday, February 13, 2025 - 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Community Room Schedule

Thursday, February 13, 2025: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Friday, February 14, 2025: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ***Kick-Off Event is in this room***

Saturday, February 15, 2025: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday, February 16, 2025: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Important Dates

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Hill Resort and Spa

9800 Hyatt Resort Drive, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78251

AAEM has negotiated a room rate of $269 per night with the entire resort fee waived! (all other applicable charges and fees still apply).

Make your reservations early! A block of rooms is being held until January 30, 2024.

For reservations call the hotel at 855-499-2960 or click here.



This agreement pertains to the exhibits and exhibit hall at a Conference sponsored by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine ("AAEM") as further described. The exhibit space rental application and these terms and conditions shall constitute an agreement between AAEM and the exhibitor and is herein after referred to as the Application and/or Agreement. Submission of an Exhibitor Application does not guarantee acceptance by AAEM.



Exhibit space package rates shall be: EnviroMED25 Dignitary: $3,500; EnviroMED25 Supporter: $3,000. The EnviroMED25 package consists of one standard booth. Booth size is 10' deep x 10' wide (subject to change based on exhibit hall). Each linear booth will be equipped with one (1) table two (2) side chairs, and one (1) wastebasket.



Participation in the AAEM Conference Community Room is open to registered conference attendees only – Practitioners and lay people. The Community Room is heavily promoted to the registered conference attendees, who are encouraged to visit the Community Room and visit the exhibitors at all available opportunities.



The EnviroMED25 Sponsorship includes up to two staff members (additional staff member - $750/member,) participation in the Kick-Off Event, breaks, luncheons, and access to all educational sessions. (Certain Sponsorships offer additional Kick-Off Event passes)



Applications submitted require full payment of the established Sponsorship fees including any chosen add-on branding opportunities selected. In any event, full payment must be received on or before November 1, 2024, or exhibit/sponsorship will be canceled, and company will forfeit all funds and benefits.



Sponsorship space preferences are indicated on the Sponsor Application date received.

After that time, space is sold on a first-come-first-served basis except for the EnviroMED25 Visionary who has the right to select any Partner location or two side by side Supporter locations. AAEM reserves the right to rearrange exhibitors or adjust the floor plan. Proper notification will be provided to all affected exhibitors.



The Resort does not have storage for excess material while on site. AAEM management will not accept any responsibility for packing, shipping, or storing exhibit items. Contact Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa for more information.



  1. Exhibitors/sponsors must confine their activities to the space for which they have contracted.
  2. No tables, signs or fixtures may extend beyond the defined booth space.
  3. No signs or fixtures will block the view of adjoining booths between the front of the booth and one-half of the distance to the rear wall of the booth.
  4. Maximum allowable height for all display fixtures is 8’ unless specific written permission is received from AAEM.
  5. All sound must be contained within the display space assigned to the exhibitor.
  6. Distribution of advertising material of any description is permitted ONLY from the individual exhibitor's booth.
  7. Distribution of advertising material of non-exhibitors is strictly forbidden.
  8. Exhibitors/sponsors may not make any public announcements in the general meeting or exhibit areas regarding their products or services. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in termination of the exhibitor's right to exhibit with no refund provided.



No exhibitor/Sponsors shall be packed, removed, or dismantled prior to the closing of the exhibition at 5:00 PM Saturday, February15, 2025 without written permission from AAEM. If the exhibitor acts in breach of this provision it shall pay, AAEM, as compensation for the disruption to the exhibit hall, an amount equal to one-third of the total space for the exhibitor’s allocated area in addition to all the sums otherwise due under this agreement. Additionally, breach of this provision could result in the loss of exhibitor’s booth space in future conferences sponsored by AAEM.



Exhibitors/Sponsors will be responsible for all utility/service charges and supplementary charges and supplementary exhibition services related to their displays. According to the contract between AAEM, Susan Whitbourne, and the Hyatt Regency Meeting and Event Services, charges for the following will be assessed to the individual exhibitors: drayage, placement, or storage of display-related equipment; labor (i.e. carpenters, electricians, booth guard services, etc.…); phone lines, any internet connection access, special lighting, audio-visual equipment, floral, booth food & beverage, electrical power.



Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa is the exclusive provider of convention services. To maintain a safe working environment exhibitor/sponsor appointed contractors are not allowed.



Exhibitor/Sponsors have the option of utilizing Hyatt Regency Meeting & Event Services or personnel from their own companies to install and dismantle displays. All rigging and sign hanging must be performed by the AAEM exclusive service contractor.



Exhibitor/Sponsor must conform to all standard fire codes of the host city, San Antonio, Texas. Exhibitor/Sponsor shall not allow display to block the view of, or impede access to fire alarm boxes, fire exists, fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers or other safety equipment.



Exhibitor/Sponsor shall protect, save, and hold the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and its officers, directors, employees, and agents and the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa and its officers, directors, employees and agents, and: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and its officers, directors, employees and agents (hereinafter collectively called "Indemnities") forever harmless from any damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitor or those holding under the exhibitor, and further, exhibitor shall at all time protect, indemnify, save and hold harmless the Indemnities against and from any and all losses, costs, damages, liability, or expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any property, person, or persons, including the exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arise from or out of or by reason of said exhibitor's occupancy and use of the facilities, or any part thereof.



All property of the exhibitor is understood to remain under their custody and control, in transit to, within, and from the confines of the exhibit area. Exhibitors are advised to carry floater insurance to cover exhibit material against damage and loss. It is recommended that exhibitors take precautionary measures of their own such as securing small or easily portable articles of value. AAEM are NOT responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitor property.



AAEM assumes no responsibility or liability for any of the services performed or materials delivered by official conference or show contractors or other suppliers to the conference or show, their personnel, or their agents. Any controversies which may arise between exhibitors and official contractors or union representatives, or personnel of either, on the show premises shall be referred to AAEM for resolution and AAEM's decision shall be final and binding.



No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any parts of the space assigned, or have representatives, equipment or materials from companies other than its own firm in the exhibit without prior written consent from AAEM.



In the interest of the entire conference, the exhibitor agrees not to extend invitations, call meetings, or otherwise encourage absence of attendees, exhibitors, or invited guests from the education sessions or exhibit hall during the official hours of the sessions or conference.



Exhibits must comply with the requirements for public accommodations imposed by the American with Disabilities Act and all other pertinent laws and ordinances.



AAEM does not guarantee or agree to place the advertisement in a specific position in the conference onsite program unless Advertiser reserves a specific position and is approved by AAEM. Service charges will be applied for requests to modify advertisement materials after initial submission. The advertiser agrees to be solely liable for the content of its advertising.



AAEM has full power to interpret and enforce all regulations of the exhibit and exhibit hall and the power to make amendments and/or further regulations, payments. Invoices for cancellation fees are due upon receipt. This balance must be paid in full before the exhibitor can exhibit in any other AAEM events. orally or in writing, that are considered necessary for the proper conduct of the exhibition. Such decisions shall be binding on exhibitors. Failure to comply with these or any other regulations or amendments may be sufficient cause for AAEM to require the immediate removal of the exhibit and/or the offending exhibitor at the expense of the exhibitor. Such removal shall be without any liability of any kind to AAEM. In addition, all exhibitors agree to be bound by the terms of AAEM's agreement with the facility in which the conference is held. Failure to comply with all applicable rules may also result in the forfeiture of all further rights to exhibit at future shows. AAEM may lease any space so forfeited to any other exhibitor and retain all revenues collected.



AAEM reserves the right to reject, remove or require modification of all exhibits, sponsorships, advertising and activities, which AAEM feels is not in keeping with AAEM's standards, policies and principles.



By completing the Sponsor/Exhibitor Application form, sponsor/exhibitor shall abide by the terms and conditions exactly as outlined in the AAEM Terms and Conditions.



Complaints of any violations of the contract terms and conditions, or otherwise, are to be made promptly verbally to the responsible AAEM supervisor and followed in writing to AAEM.



In the event that the performance by AAEM or the facility or any part of the utilized area is unavailable whether for the entire event, or a portion of the event, as a result of fire, flood, tempest, inclement weather, or other such cause or as a result of government intervention, malicious damage, acts of God, war, strike, lockout, labor dispute, riot, curtailment of transportation, or other cause or agency over which AAEM has no control, or should AAEM decide that because of any such cause that it is necessary to cancel, postpone or re-site the event, or reduce the move-in and installation time, show time or move-out time, AAEM shall not be liable to refund, indemnify, or reimburse the exhibitor in respect of any fees paid, damage or loss, direct or indirect, arising as a result thereof. In addition, should AAEM cancel the event for any other reason, AAEM shall return all deposits paid by exhibitor and AAEM shall not be liable or responsible for any losses incurred by or anticipated by exhibitor.



Sponsorship/exhibiting personnel must hold a reservation at AAEM's host hotel. Companies not holding a valid reservation will be assessed a $400 surcharge per night.



Any and all matters not specifically covered herein and in the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort Services manual are subject to the decision of AAEM. AAEM shall have the full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors, provided any amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of exhibitors. Each sponsor/exhibitor, for itself and its employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing Terms and Conditions for Sponsor/exhibitors and by any amendments or additions thereto in conformance with the preceding sentence.



The laws of the State of Texas shall govern this contract.



All cancellations must be in writing and shall become effective when received by AAEM. Both the Exhibitor and AAEM acknowledge that AAEM will sustain substantial losses if the Exhibitor cancels its application and Contract. Even though AAEM will exercise its best efforts to mitigate the damages associated with the Exhibitor cancellation, the parties agree that AAEM will nevertheless incur substantial losses that cannot be precisely determined. Due to the difficulty of determining and providing said losses, the Exhibitor agrees to pay the following as liquidated damages if the Exhibitor cancels its exhibit space before October 1, 2024; 50% of total exhibit space fee. Cancellation requests made on October 1,2024 and after are not eligible for reimbursement or credit under this policy but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis dependent on overall booth sales, demand, and cancellation time frame. All payments made or due to AAEM shall be fully earned and non-refundable, in consideration for expenses incurred by AAEM and its lost or deferred opportunity to provide exhibit space to others. All cancellation fees that may become due hereunder are acknowledged by the Exhibitor as liquidated damages and are not applicable toward any future AAEM sponsored shows or events.

My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and agree that my company and its representatives will abide by all rules and regulations and restrictions outlined in this Exhibitor Prospectus and contract.