Microbiome: The Environment, Genetics and Disease


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine presents Microbiome: The Environment, Genetics and Disease

There is a significant gap in many clinicians’ knowledge, competence and performance relative to the available science regarding the impact of the the environment and genetics on the microbiome. Clinicians will learn to apply evidence‐based environmental medicine principles to improve their patient outcomes.

This conference will acquaint health care professionals with validated alternative methods, so they can provide their patients better‐informed advice. The presentations will improve front line‐clinicians’ ability to recognize the role of the human microbiome in specific disease states. Practitioners will learn to employ Environmental Medicine methods to improve treatment for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the emerging science regarding the impact of genetics and the environment on the microbiome.
  • Explain how lifestyle choices change the nature of the microbiome and the metabolic significance of these changes
  • Discuss how leading edge novel techniques to restore a healthy microbiome may pave the way for meaningful treatment of autism, autoimmune conditions and inflammatory disorders


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